Quality Industries in the News

7/29/2015  |  Written by Terry Tidwell

The big news around Quality Industries lately is our recent investment of $3.7 million in a new, state-of-the-art powder coating system at our Nashville facility as part of a larger $12.5 million company-wide capital program for 2015. These upgrades will enable us to provide even more value to our customers.


Five Benefits of Standardized Work

6/30/2015  |  Written by Terry Tidwell

Standardized Work is more than an industry best practice for improving the production environment. It's an opportunity to deliver more consistent value to our customers, communicate better with our team, and document our innovation.


Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness through Standardization

6/17/2015  |  Written by Terry Tidwell

Quality Industries began an important journey with a recent successful registration as an ISO:9001 certified organization in our Texas and Tennessee facilities. This exercise in quality management has been the beginning of some ongoing cultural changes in our organization. One of the most positive results for the business has been in the area of standardization.