QI Featured in Sustainable Manufacturer Network


When our 20-year-old pretreatment and powder coat system had exhausted its useful life, Quality Industries management decided to make a strategic investment in our future. We saw the need for changes as an opportunity for environmental and productivity upgrades, so we replaced it with a new automated system that was greener, less waste-producing, and faster.

“We prioritize the safety of people and of the environment through a full-time Environmental, Health and Safety Department within our company that is devoted to worker health and safety, as well as environmental protection and recycling,”  explained Ken Ham, vice president of engineering and technical services. "When it comes to human and environmentally friendly codes and practices, Quality Industries strives to lead the industry, setting an example for other companies to follow.”

QI invested about $4 million in upgrades to both the cleaning chemicals used in the pretreatment process and the powder coating system, including the wash system, dryoff oven, cure oven, and powder coating delivery system. Read more our improvements in this recent article from Sustainable Manufacturer Network