Quality Industries Wins PMA Design Award


Quality Industries recently received the 2015 Higgins-Caditz Design Award for our redesign of the CULER Pro XC3000 atomizing evaporative cooler for CULER. 


Each year, the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) presents eight Awards of Excellence in Metalforming. The Design Award recognizes a manufacturing company for outstanding achievement in developing an innovative product design.

CULER is a Nashville-based company that develops and markets innovative atomizing evaporative cooling solutions for professional and home use. CULER worked with the QI team to redesign their product. Numerous enhancements and additions were made to the new generation CULER® XC3000 atomizing evaporative cooler. The end result was a more powerful, compact, portable, durable and more aesthetically pleasing product—with a decreased per-unit cost.

"I'm thrilled to see our engineering team recognized for their ingenuity and expertise," said Warren Hayslip, QI’s president and CEO. "From design to finished product, our engineering capabilities are a core focus of the integrated services we offer our customers.”

The CULER atomizing evaporative cooler is manufactured with a combination of off-the-shelf and custom fabricated metal components, including more than 150 separate line items. Many of the fabricated components are manufactured in-house at our facility using CNC punch presses, lasers, press brakes, CNC milling machines, arc welding and spot welding machines, and a powder-coating system. The evaporative coolers are assembled on a custom-built line that was designed, fabricated and installed by our personnel.

"We are very pleased that Quality Industries is being recognized for their work on our CULER Pro XC3000," said CULER CEO Jeff Badovick. "The QI team's innovation and technical support led to numerous enhancements and additions to our product that had an immediate impact on sales, bolstering the CULER brand position, and expanding our market penetration.”

As a result of the design changes, CULER’s year-to-year sales have increased dramatically, with 10 times the number of purchase orders compared to the previous year. Sales are projected to increase 20 fold by the end of 2015. For QI, CULER’s success—along with the recognition from PMA—affirms our commitment to providing our partners with the most inventive engineering solutions possible.