Investing in our Greatest Assets

8/5/2015  |  Written by Gary Carter

At Quality Industries (QI), we are more than just the services we provide. We’re about the people making it all possible every day.  On July 20, 2015 QI launched a new Human Resources Information System, Epicor Human Capital Management (HCM). This was another step forward in the Enterprise Transformation happening at QI.  

With a growing business and expansion of our Denton, Texas facility, QI saw the need for an improved software system to report and analyze on one of our greatest assets (our employees). KPI’s and trend analysis regarding staffing, turnovers, and training were needed to ensure QI was equipped with the top workforce in our industry while also maintaining a ‘Lean Staffing’ Organizational structure. 

Epicor HCM will help QI automate HR processes and will integrate with the new ERP system that is scheduled to launch in early 2016.  HCM has provided QI with powerful performance management, HR reporting, and greater control over staffing and administration. HCM, along with improved business processes have reduced the number of manual entries our HR and Payroll departments make. These improvements along with a robust Training and Development module and integrated recruiting tools will enable QI to better manage our talented workforce. 

Originally slated to launch in September, the team, led by Enterprise Transformation Analyst Stephanie Koebel, HR Director Don Pettry, and Senior Consultant Harry Boucher worked diligently to develop a solution that met our organization’s complex needs and exceed delivery expectations by launching two months earlier than projected. This goes to show how hard the people at QI are working to move the company forward to a leaner,  more innovative, and more efficient business for our customers. 

According to Harry Boucher, Senior HCM Consultant with the Estes Group, “Implementing Epicor HCM, in Quality Industries, was successful due to the amount of collaboration between all of the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who will be using the system, and their consultant.  A typical Epicor HCM implementation can take at least 6 months.  The implementation team was able to go-live with the core HR system and all additional modules within a 90 day period.  The key person on the QI side was Stephanie Koebel, Enterprise Transformation Analyst, who worked day and night to coordinate with SME’s and upload the data into the system from multiple sources in time for go live.  The key to any successful implementation of software depends on teamwork between all the participants.” 

The successful launch of this program is clear evidence of Quality Industries’ commitment to continuous improvement and investment in growth. This is just the first in a series of updates and announcements along our Enterprise Transformation journey here at QI. 


Pictured: The QI Enterprise Transformation Team - Gary Carter, Stephanie Koebel, and Crystal Pevehouse