Expanding in the Lone Star State


This is an exciting time for US manufacturing.  The sector is receiving consistent and strong reviews for its solid performance, and US manufacturers are increasingly noted for their reliability and value.  It's also an exciting time for Quality Industries (QI) as we position ourselves to support current and anticipated growth with our facility expansion in the Dallas area.


Strategic location

On May 5, we announced our latest expansion project for 86,000 square feet of additional manufacturing space in Denton, TX. This additional footprint will give QI over 330,000 square feet of manufacturing space when combined with our existing facility in La Vergne, TN.


Over the past 4 years, Denton has been a great location for us, and our expansion there offers multiple advantages to QI.  First, Texas is a great state for business, offering as well a strategic geographic location to other areas—especially the south central and southwestern sectors of the US.  Second, close proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex offers excellent logistics and a rich source of qualified and diverse human resources.


Beginning of expansion phase

Our new expansion facility is currently under construction as part of the Westgate Business Park at 1550 N. Western Boulevard in Denton. The Martino Group, developers of the new industrial park have expressed great excitement to have a strong manufacturing company like QI now to serve as their anchor tenant.


From QI’s perspective, this is the first of several investments we anticipate in the Texas area. And we plan to bring other facilities online at other locations in North America as QI growth continues.


Growth of in-house services

The new space in Denton offers additional in-house capacity for QI to better serve our existing customers while allowing us to improve our delivered cost position and lead times, and provide other services to new customers.  Further, the expansion of our capabilities in Denton offers customers access to engineering and other technical services from either location.


From this enhanced combination of operational facilities in Tennessee and Texas, our team of over 500 talented professionals will be better able to provide a growing offering of in-house services.  Strengthening our operations through in-house investments in new facilities, equipment, and personnel is one of the keys to our success.  And owning our processes and operations gives us greater control and flexibility to quickly respond to customer needs and requests.  QI facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified, and we are continuously improving the quality of products and services to meet and exceed customers’ requirements.


Completion of construction of our new Denton facility is anticipated in October 2015.  The existing Denton location will migrate all equipment, operations and offices to this new facility in November 2015 time frame.  The new facility will initially employ more than 40 employees, but we see that number increasing in 2016.


We invite our valued QI customers to stay tuned for activity and event announcements concerning the opening of the new Denton facility.  And we invite new and potential customers to contact us, with an eye on our growth, expansion and excitement.




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