Welcome to the new QI website!


To visitors to our new website, welcome!  We are glad you have chosen to visit us and see what is happening at Quality Industries, Inc. (QI).

Building on our significant history, we are now in an exciting journey to strengthen and transform our enterprise through major new capital investments, geographic expansions, broad-based organizational developments, new information systems, innovative product developments, new process capabilities, and much more.  

All of this is to pursue our strategic mission of superior customer service and continuous improvement.

As QI’s CEO, I am pleased and honored to lead this transformative process.  Building on my own experience, I bring to QI considerable knowledge of other, leading-edge manufacturing companies and a first-hand understanding of proven methods for success.  And since my arrival at QI (in August 2013), I have been actively leading efforts to recruit fresh new talent.  In that regard, to read about our new Senior Vice President of Operations and our new Vice President of IT & Enterprise Transformation, please see the article here in the “News and Events” section. I’d also like to encourage you to take a quick tour of the “Team” section to see our other key leaders  working together to make Quality Industries an extraordinary company.

Also, let me emphasize -- to support our mission of superior customer service and continuous improvement, we embody four core competencies that truly set us apart. They are highlighted here in our website:

  1. Breadth of Process Capabilities:Everything you need under one roof
  2. Engineering & Technical Innovation:We love solving problems
  3. Specialized Aluminum Expertise:No one bends it better
  4. Leading-Edge Wet & Powder Coating:The best chemistry yields the best finish

So, please explore our new site.  We trust you will find it helpful in learning more about our Company.  And if you have any thoughts and questions, please send me (or other members of our QI organization) a note through our “Contact Us” section.

Finally, please stop back frequently. Our team of industry leading experts will be adding valuable resources here that will give insight into the latest trends in the industry and highlight the exciting developments here at QI.