Metal Fabrication

Here at QI, we’ve been aggressively building and expanding our metal fabrication services for more than 40 years. Our expertise includes work with stainless steel, mild steel and specialty steel components, as well as industry-leading advanced aluminum fabrication. Our production facility houses CNC punching, bending, forming, welding, stamping, extrusion and finishing systems, as well as powerful laser cutting machines. We can handle large-sized products and high-capacity production.

One of 7 robotic welding cells


We operate 12 CNC punching machines, including two high-speed, fully automated punches integrated with material storage and retrieval systems that can accommodate up to 450 tons of raw material. Our Trumpf TruMatic punches are equipped with 21-station tool magazines. These punches also have a 70-station tool charger that can be expanded to charge up to 900 tools. Our Trumpf TruMatic 500 CNC punches are capable of processing 0.312” thick aluminum, 0.179” thick steel, and 0.104” thick stainless steel, with sheet sizes up to 5’ x 16.’


We employ a variety of cutting implements, including 5,000-watt carbon dioxide lasers for accurate, fast and flexible plate profiling and sheet metal cutting jobs. These allow complex profiles with burr-free edges.


Seventeen CNC press brakes complement our cutting capabilities, with bending forces ranging from 50 tons to 253 tons and bend lengths of up to 13 feet. We have the capability to bend plates and rods, as well as to form corners. Our rotary benders are capable of bending tubes with outer diameters of up to 3 inches and wall thicknesses of up to a quarter-inch. The additional processing capabilities of these rotary benders allow us to custom fabricate a wide range of aluminum extrusions.


Our welding capabilities include seven robotic welding cells, spot welders and more than 60 manual weld stations. Our robotic MIG welding cells can handle large aluminum sheets.


At QI, we are known for our advanced aluminum fabrication abilities.

We can customize your designs and engineer cost-effective aluminum extrusions, and rotary-bend them with custom tooling created in-house. We can roll sheets, as well as stamp, machine, form and assemble most aluminum products. Quality Industries even has certified welding inspectors on staff to oversee the work of our certified manual welders, as well as the output of our three dedicated aluminum robotic welding cells.

If you need aluminum, you need QI.